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2016 Kevin Shannon Foundation Scholarship

The Kevin Shannon Foundation is a Not-For-Profit Corporation established in 1998 and based in Lincolnshire, IL. The Foundation was established by friends of Kevin Shannon who wanted to keep alive and celebrate memories of Kevin by raising funds and contributing to causes that he cared about.


  1. Applicant must be either a high school senior or college student to apply for this award.
  2. The scholarship may be used for expenses in any accredited two-or-four-year college or university, business school, trade or technical school approved by the scholarship committee.
  3. Applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. You must include a transcript that includes your most recent term with this application. Copies are acceptable.
  4. Applicant must submit the following documents:
    - Letter of Need
    - Two letters of recommendation written by a teacher, administrator or work supervisor. Family authored letters are not acceptable.
  5. Scholarship awards are based, in part, on financial need. If you can be claimed as a dependent on another personís tax return, then that personís prior year tax return must be submitted with this application. If you cannot be claimed as a dependent on another personís tax return, then your prior year tax return must be submitted with this application.
  6. Notification of acceptance from the school the recipient will be attending will be required to process the check.
  7. Successful applicant must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher during the scholarship year.
  8. Successful applicants will be required to communicate with the KSF on a yearly basis to update the Foundation on their progress.
  9. If you receive an award, and then withdraw from school during the academic year of the award, you may be required to repay the award amount.
  10. Applicant must exhibit leadership, citizenship and ambition.


  1. All of the fields in this application must be completed. Omitted fields may cause a delay in processing your application and put your eligibility at risk. Please put ďn/aĒ if something does not apply.
  2. Completion and submission of this application does not guarantee you an award.
  3. The KSF Scholarship Committee will personally interview candidates and make recommendations to the full board. Application does not guarantee an interview.
  4. This application must be returned by April 30, 2016 in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Information submitted piecemeal will not be accepted.
  5. If you have questions regarding this application, please call the Kevin Shannon Foundation by contacting Don Shannon at 847-325-1023.
  6. Once you have completed this application, submit it and all supplementary documentation to:

    Don Shannon c/o Kevin Shannon Foundation
    550 Bond Street
    Lincolnshire, IL 60069.

    Applications may be emailed to:

  7. Scholarship award decisions shall be final.

Scholarship Awards

  • Award decisions will be made by June 2016.
  • Payment of the award will be made in the form of a check made payable to the approved institution.

The information contained in this Application will be utilized by members of the Scholarship Committee to make Scholarship awards. The Kevin Shannon Foundation does not share information contained in this Application and information on scholarship applicants with third parties except as described herein. Your information will be held in confidence as required by law. However, by submitting this application you authorize the Scholarship Committee Members to contact third parties in order to verify your scholarship application information. You further authorize the Kevin Shannon Foundation to utilize your name, picture, the name of the educational institution you attend(ed) and the amount of your scholarship award in marketing brochures or publicity campaigns.


  • Completed and signed application
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (non-family)
  • Copies of transcripts including your most recent term
  • Tax Return
  • Letter of Need


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